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Special Summer-Fall 2018 announcement

Since its inception in 2003 this part of my web site has offered a mix of consumer news, excerpts of reports about manufactured homes, miscellaneous ideas and suggestions, Q&A snippets, updates, consumer alerts, and commentary from yours truly.

It’s all good stuff for home buyers, but as time passed, the sheer amount of information—close to 90,000 words (that’s book length!)—has become unwieldy. As a result, many nuggets of good info and tips that are just as valuable for consumers (and homeowners) today as they were when they were posted in, say, 2005, have, for all practical purposes, become buried.

We’re about to change that. I am in the process to reviewing all my past postings here and selecting all those helpful nuggets of information and organizing them in a way that allows visitors to easily find topics that pertain to their specific interests.

When the revamp is complete, visitors will find here a complete list of subject categories—Shopping for loans, Foundation types, Heating & cooling systems, Sales center behavior, to name a few. Underneath each of these will be a list of clickable short descriptions for each entry.

The amount of info available will still be close to book-length, but now visitors will have a handy table of contents and will be able to quickly go to precisely what their looking for.

Until then, thanks for your patience. I wish you every success on your home research.