The Grissim Guides to Manufactured Homes and Land

A word of caution

If you are researching manufactured homes on the Internet, be very cautious about volunteering any information about yourself, especially about your financial situation.

Why? Because the information you provide is almost certainly being sold as a sales lead to builders, manufactured home dealerships, finance and insurance companies and others who pay the web site’s owner for your information, usually anywhere from $1.50 to $6.00 or more per name.

Next thing you know, your phone will start ringing and you will be dealing with unsolicited calls from sales people. Chances are you won’t have any idea of the reputation of these people, their companies or their products.

Using a web site to solicit sales lead information is fine as long as visitors are given full and fair disclosure.

But many sites don’t make this clear. Some even use misleading tactics such as offering you “free” information or a report but only after you surrender personal information. Only after you fill out several screens and finally get to the Submit button do you find (usually very small) print that informs you that your information may be “shared” and that by clicking the Submit button you are agreeing to the disclosure of that information.

Such tactics may be legal but I regard them as a red flag, a sign that the web site is being less than candid with you about how it obtains and intends to use your information. Consumers deserve better.

This site is for consumers only and does not solicit any information, not for sales leads or any other purpose. The information provided here is just that: free.