The Grissim Guides to Manufactured Homes and Land

Customer Testimonials

Note: The Grissim Ratings Guide to Manufactured Homes has been out for some time, however, I've been remiss in gathering customer testimonials to post here. I'm vowing to correct that soon. Stay tuned!

Here are excerpts of letters from those who purchased The Complete Buyer’s Guide:

Book a great investment

“Without John's book, we would not have known how to conduct our search, nor been aware of some ‘unpleasant’ dealer practices which we were able to avoid because we were forewarned. John even answered some questions we emailed him. We are vastly pleased with the home that we were able to design, have built and installed on our property. Was the book a good investment? Definitely, decidedly, absolutely, entirely! Because of John's book, we were able to buy the right house at the right price and avoid almost all the pitfalls that await the unwary or uninformed. We cannot recommend John's book too highly.” Gary and Linda Zerbst, Lopez Island, Washington

A satisfied customer

“The Complete Buyers Guide to MH and Land will save me 100 times the cover price or more. What a buy!” Gary Birch (soon to be from Sultan, Washington)

Saved me thousands of dollars and countless headaches

“I just moved into my manufactured home after months of planning. This book got me started, then saw me through the adventure with invaluable tips and information. I had no idea what I was in for, and without this book, I easily could have got lost. I learned what to look for in a home and, more importantly, in a dealer. I knew which questions to ask and when. As a result, I found the best dealer, the best deal, and the best home for me. The journey was long and sometimes difficult, but thank goodness I had this guide. It was my personal consultant in a way that no other source could have been. In the end, it saved me several thousand dollars and countless headaches.”John Edmonds, Cloudcroft, New Mexico

The consumer’s “Bible” for anything to do with buying a manufactured home

“As a manufactured home owner who recently began shopping for a move up home, I thought I knew all I needed to know about manufactured homes, until I read John’s book. It’s without a doubt the best book out there. I consider it the consumer’s ‘Bible’ for anything to do with buying a manufactured home. This book will save you thousands of dollars--and a lot of grief--and show you how to avoid the shady dealers and the many pitfalls of the buying process. You’ll be learning from someone who not only had done it, but has taken the time to thoroughly research every aspect.” Joseph Rafalo, Petaluma, California

An invaluable asset

“I am in the Real Estate business in San Diego where the market is strong right now. I found this book to be an invaluable asset in my business because it tells me what the clients are really looking for in a home purchase. I would recommend this book to anyone who is in the business or looking to buy a home to live in. This is a buyers market and any edge over my competitors is truly worth the money that this book cost. Thank you.”Rick Hubert, Lakeside, CA

The best and most authoritative guide

“This is without a doubt the best and most authoritative guide I've found, especially for the first time manufactured home buyer (which I was). It offers a feast of essential information about buying and setting up a manufactured home that I found enormously helpful. Buying a manufactured home without consulting this book first could land the unwary buyer in a the briar patch!”Josiah Thompson Bolinas, California

Book “a gift from an angel”

“I am 23 and a father of two and fresh out of the military, and my wife and I are looking for a place to call home. I ordered your book and when it got here I went from 30 pages a day on any other book to not being able to put this one down till I was through. It was “a gift from an angel.” With both of us having less than perfect credit your book stopped us from jumping into a crocodile pit feet first with dealer financing. You alone helped us decide to save for one more year to get a conventional bank loan that won’t drown us with more debt. You have been an unrecognized saving grace to us and our two daughters. Thank you so very much for your contribution to the first time buyer.” Sincerely, Anthony Barnes & Amber Barnes, Ohio

Extremely pleased and surprised

“I loved this book. I had no idea of the colossal details that go into investing in a manufactured home....I was extremely pleased and surprised at how much fabulous information was in this book. I used it as a workbook and have recommended this book already to friends. Outstanding information!” Tammy Bridenbeck, Biloxi, Mississippi